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The Impossible Order.

Europe, Power, and the Search for a New Migration Regime

11.-13. May 2017 | Berlin Wall Memorial, Visitor Center, Bernauer Straße 119, Berlin

The conference will address the search for a comprehensive migration regime in Europe over the last three decades. It focuses on the dynamic caused by the tension between the political will to establish order and control on the one hand, and creative human action that disrupts such attempts on the other.

International migration researchers, journalists, historians, artists, activists and students will discuss the contemporary history of the search. An exhibition of migrant and refugee students from Bard College Berlin and the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, will frame the discussions.

Exhibition design: Tread Softly, Master Studio Construction Material Technology | Michelle Howard and IKA Students: Ella Felber, Clara Fung Ka Yee, Victor Gautrin, Adam Hudec, Aya Kurz, Clarissa Lim Kye Lee, Duha Samir.