Walter Stelzhammer


High Density, the Future of Housing? | 07.01.2008

Considering the limited land reserves that we have left in middle Europe, density with all its consequences is certainly going to be the leading factor in new developments in housing design.

Housing design cannot be pursued isolated from the realities of ones surroundings. The notion of density has acquired a central position in all questions concerning the search for appropriate housing forms for the present and the future. Thus density has become the cardinal point of this development. Density is still the guiding principle and the prerequisite in suggestions concerning new housing development forms independent of the specific conditions of the specific task at hand. This is partially due to ecology; economical use of estate preserves the already limited resources, a compact building structure saves energy. It is also an economical decision; the costly infrastructure is used more intensively and efficiently. This reduces traffic; a minimal use of estate makes it possible for more people to become homeowners.

Especially in the area of town extension, new innovative city models and exemplary solutions for housing developments are aspired.