Jeremy Foster

Urban entropy and socio-natural temporalities in post-apartheid Johannesburg

Mo 27.04.2009 | 19:00h | Vortragsaal IKA R211a, 2.OG

Jeremy Foster is trained as an architect and landscape architect, and holds a PhD. in Human Geography from the University of London . He has practiced architecture in and landscape architecture in the , and has taught architecture, landscape architecture and urban design at the universities of Pennsylvania and Virginia , at Virginia Tech, and since 2003, at Cornell. His design studios have addressed the interpretation of contested natural/cultural landscapes; questions of context, locale and place-identity; infrastructural and ecological change in urban contexts; and the relationship between media, public space and urban identity. His research and teaching interests include the history and theory of landscapes, cities and built environments; the role of socio-spatial practices in shaping urban identities; the relationship between visual culture and geographical imagination; and the urbanism of displacement (ie colonialism, post-colonialism, and diaspora). Jeremy has published several articles on the role of ideologies and representational practices in the cultural construction of landscapes. His book "Washed with Sun: Landscape & the Making of White South Africa" recently came out from University of Pittsburgh Press.