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CONNECTINGSPACES – Transcultural Aspects of Architecture

DISCUSSION | Monday 30.11.2015, 19h
VENUE | EG Nord Atelierhaus, Lehargasse 8

The IKA platform Ecology, Sustainability and Cultural Heritage (ESC) was invited by FUTURE LECTURES* to setup a seminar to investigate social aspects of sustainability within contemporary societies that are under constant reconfiguration and reconstruction. How does, could and will spatial development and architectural culture reflect existing and emerging social conditions in diverse societal contexts?

Under the title „CONNECTINGSPACES – Transcultural Aspects of Architecture“ a team of students and teachers of the Institute of Art and Architecture setup an interdisciplinary public discussion in an exhibition setting. This format tries to bridge the gap between panel and audience.

Organized in collaboration with FORUM Umweltbildung, an initiative of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management and the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education and Woman's affairs.

PosterDownload | *http://www.futurelectures.at



CONNECTINGSPACES – Transcultural Aspects of Architecture

DISCUSSION | Monday 30.11.2015, 19h

Elke Krasny, Curator, Cultural Theorist
Gabu Heindl, Architect
Jan Kubis, Socialworker
Johannes Pointl, Urban Design
Regina Freimuller Sollinger, Architect
Gabrielle Cram, Curator (Moderation)


EXHIBITION | Three projects are presented and discussed

Welcome to Vienna | Gregor Holzinger / Studio Enlightenment, Theory and Practice

Emanzipierter Schutzraum | Diana Lucas-Drogan

Macondo – eine Siedlung in Wien | dokumentiert und dargestellt über: Filmausschnitte von Sudabeh Mortezai's "MACONDO", Fotografie oder Interviews [Jan Kubris, Diakonie]

Further other projects will be medially present in the space.



CONNECTINGSPACES – Transcultural Aspects of Architecture


Concept, Content and Organisation: Clemens Aniser | Anna Krumpholz | Fabian Liszt | Manuela Mandl | Jiri Tomicek

Support: Luciano Parodi | Hannes Stiefel