Tape Melbourne © Numen/For Use

Super Light Spatial Structures

Lecture Christoph Katzler | 09.10.15 | IKA R211a

Numen / For Use

On the occasion of a workshop at the Institute for Art and Architecture IKA the art collective Numen/For Use gives a lecture.

Numen/For Use is a collective working in the fields of conceptual art, scenography, industrial and spatial design. The group first formed in 1998. as a collaborative effort of industrial designers Sven Jonke, Christoph Katzler and Nikola Radeljković under the banner For Use. In 1999. they establish Numen as a collective identity covering all projects actualised outside the sphere of industrial design, e.g. interior design, exhibition design, stagedesign, experimental architecture.

Since 2008. the collective turns its focus towards configuring objects and concepts without a predefined function, an activity resulting in the more hybrid and experimental works such as the N-Light series and Tape Installation. The group wins several international awards for their accomplishments in the field of industrial and set design.