Spaces and Pathways

Perrine Montfort

I started to build my concept asking what is a teenager and what are its needs in term of space. Adolescence is a transition state between childhood and adulthood. During this period, the teenager is attempting to find and compose his own social identity. This way, teenagers need freedom, in order to be able to express their creativity. In the other hand, adolescence is an age of crisis and instability. Teens are extremely sensitive and fragile and therefore need a cosy and safe space in which they can find shelter.

My concept relies on this ambivalence of needs and proposes a variety of spaces for a diversity of uses. The project aim is to provide spaces that can allow gathering or isolation, loudness or quietness and above all, creativity. The circulation space is creating a loop, in order to allow a variety of pathways. This loop is a “promenade” through the building and transforms the school into a landscape, offering a diversity of uses. The circulation space is completed by other spaces as the cafeteria, the free-time room, the auditorium, etc. and they form together the connecting spaces.


The main interest is to connect different program, without separating them but rather uniting them in a continuous and fluid connecting space. To create these sequences, small-scale tools as curtains, shelves, benches or panels can be use. These soft connections between spaces can be modelled by the graduation of light, sound level and height.