Environment of Noise

Daniela Mitterberger

The city itself has a lot of noise problems. Because of the urban canyons much of the noise gets refl ected and intensifi ed. To cope the situation there are a lot of dictating rules about the limits of noise, during the night and in diff erent living quarters.  These regulations generate noise maps about citys. 

So the project is about the creation of space between housing units. The idea is to create a conscious diff erentiation between the sound pressure level and the frequences on the space to infl uence the later usage. The function of the space is going to be constrained to the decibel and the loudness. Therefore the collection of housing units should perform as a decibel regulator which lead sound from the city into the structure and which regulates the diff erentiation of loud and quiet spaces through geometry.

Our ear does not work linear. There are frequences we can hear better and others for which we need more air pressure to recognize them. For this the scienticts developed the unit PHONE. Other terms which are used to describe sound is the Sound Pressure measured in Pascal and transcripted to the well known unit Dezibel.

Another unit is Hertz. For this we have to know something about wave abilities. A soundwave distributs circular in every direction. They are Amplitudes. The higher the amplitude the higher the noise we receive and the shorter the wavelength. Higher frequences travel shorter but can be reflected and guided more easily. 

If a wave hits against a barrier it gets reflected. It depends on the geometrie of the barrier how it gets reflected and on the surface qualitys how much it gets absorbed. Therefore a loud spot is closed and small (so that the reflecting elements are nearer to the human and therefore he experiences the place as loud) and a quiet space opens up so that the soundwaves can escape.

How to lead sound into the agglomeration of units  without loosing as less sound energy as possibly? First point is to avoid openings, where sound waves can escape. The gateway is in the same time a funnel which leads the sound and fortifies it. There are two ways of gateways. Either every space is connected and one is able to went through all varietys of soundscapes or every spot is accesible seperatly. Another point is to avoid absorbtion or diffusion. Absorbtion in the case of a lot of reflection on the way to the soundcave and diffusion through irregularitys in the surface.