Transport Systems AKH Wien

Clemens Hasler

With its approximately 340.000 m² continuous floor area the General Hospital Vienna ranks as the biggest hospital in Europe (if not the world). 

Due to this enormous size there is need for a couple of transport systems which ensure the smooth operation of the hospital. Besides the transports of humans and performed by humans (i.e. patient transport service, delivery service, supply and disposal service, as well as elevators and conveyors), there also exist automatic systems, which in contrast work invisible for most of the users. 

In fact a route network of 24.1 km in total stretches out within the AKH, partitioned between the “Automatische Transportanlage”, the “Kleinbehältertransportanlage” and the letter shoot. Each of these fulfils a particular duty within the whole of the AKH, without which a hospital of this character and size would be hardly operational.