The camera as design method

Lisi Zeininger

Placing architecture through the medium of film doesn’t tap its full potential yet, although it offers - far in excess of current visualizations - a lot of possibilities to communicate architecture from its idea to a finished building.

Working with animation and modeling its essential geometry provides a closer look at the phenomenology of perception and the effect of images according to colors, forms, sound and movement.

Describing a building through animation broadly shows which possibilities and impossibilities of spatial perception can exist.

For me these are essential topics that have to harmonize in order to create an animation


The story – form and geometry - The movement of the camera and target – speed - materiality and color – rhythm and sound


In my animation the camera is scanning the WU. The camera moves vertically through the building, breaking through walls and floors. The unusual movement along this drop line, offers the spectator new possibilities of spatial perceptions.

The sound underlines on one hand the mechanic movement of the camera on the other hand it informs you about the size and function of the space the camera takes you through.

While the camera is moving, the building seems to be frozen. Only at some points the camera stops and the building starts to act:

In these moments the building goes back in time, showing its original materials and light situation. In the end the building looses all its materiality. What is left is pure geometry - an abstract image of architecture.