The Return of the WU

Peter Jakowitsch

I was particularly attracted to the University of Economics because arriving there for the first time, i had immediately scenes of the Star Wars movies in my mind. Both, the WU and Star Wars movies are from the same period between 1976 and 1983. I tried to compare chosen moments of the old Star Wars episodes with situations that I have found at the WU building and worked with the similar method of a movie. Dissolving those images and editing them together showed a surprisingly sometimes comically identical outcome. The striking analogies of the shown images were a evidence that this comparison between the WU and Star Wars is strongly connected with the main theme of this years course of modernism and postwar architecture.

Altering the building by altering just the way you look at it may seem like the easiest  answer but what should be the consequence and how can a complex like the WU survive? With the help of a series of photographs taken from the building as if it were something precious and worthy of conservation and tried to capture the building in its current situation but lovingly and with great respect. How much of how we perceive buildings to be is connected with actual values and how much is connected with the fashions of our time. Could this be another case of the Emperors New Clothes?