The Land of Alt Erlaa

Philipp Soeparno

“The park of the high-rise city emerges as a necessary distance between high buildings [...] It is a green vacuum that consumes work, time, money and land.”
(Roland Rainer, Städtebauliche Prosa. Praktische Grundlagen für den Aufbau der Städte, Innsbruck 1948, S. 161.)

A description of Alt Erlaa would make a perfect target of Rainer's critique of the high-rise city and his proposed opponent - the garden-city. Indeed, the towers are surrounded by 12 hectare of public park and the question arises how this area was planned and whether there is an important relation between towers and park.

By showing hard facts, this analysis reveals the immanent potentials of the original intentions. It off­ers an alternative way of reading a park and puts focus on a topic that is often beyond the consciousness, control or even capacity of architects: landscape.