Kata Fodor | Dawid Klich

Synchroni-city is a complex where countless different events and activities are taking place simultaneously - at any given time. Where an elaborate organisati­on of program aims to generate meaningful relations between adjacent functions. By perforating the vast concrete slabs, light and air are let deeper down into the structure reviving its lower levels. Contrasting acti­vities get visually connected by frequent perforations, warranting people to experience the diversity of the complex. This method is also meant to break the strict geometries of the existing structure.
Our masterplan aims to allow easy access to the site and simple orientation within, by cutting clear and lo­gical public routes. Though the new structure is one entity, it works together with its surroundings and its borders are easy to penetrate. The tramline that used to go parallel to the site, is now brought through the complex stopping at its very centre - a new public pla­za. This move reinforces the notion of the complex as part of the surrounding city. To enable intermingling between all user groups, large amenities - such as baths, supermarket and canteen - attract people from within and beyond the complex.