Christoph Edler

„Cutting Transitions – Media School and ORF at the Küniglberg“ 

 The ORF as Austria's biggest media producer has already had to face cataclysmic changes in media since its inception in the 60's, and even now has to prepare itself constantly to keep abreast of further developments. 

The benefits of such an intervention are clear for the students, they will learn about media at the heart of actual media production.  But the absorption of media school within the ORF will also enable that large company to be a lot more proactive in the development of media. Rather than just keeping abreast of further developments the presence of the school can enable the ORF to anticipate and create. 

My work focuses on the interaction between the Media School and the ORF and demonstrates how they can function both separately and together. I have looked closely at and tried to negotiate the fine line between the advantages of shared facilities and the security and strategic problems this entails.