The Efficiency of Looseness

Master Studio: Construction Material Technology


Michelle Howard | Christian Fröhlich

Using Media Education as Enabler to transform the ORF Centre Küniglberg 

Central to our project in CMT this semester is the ORF building itself. The students are asked to build upon their research and those of other students in order to obtain a clear understanding of the existing building, its construction, materials and technology. Besides laying down loose guides for the configuration of the new school, the students will be asked to examine the following: Possibilities for the shared use of facilities and rooms; Propositions for the entrance and approach to the new school and the use of outdoor facilities; Possible connections between the Media School and the many Entities contained within the ORF, Propositions for a looser definition of what a classroom or a place to learn can be.


(Video, left: ORF Courtyard Study; timelapsed | Christian Fröhlich, HDV, 1min)

Christian Fröhlich, 


Christian Fröhlich,