The Garonion

Iklim Dogan, Marina Resch

After investigating and building turtles, we`ve got inspiration for The Garonion from the qualities of our built turtles, such as the semi-stiffness and movement of the limbs from the Eretmochelys imbricata model, and the unwrapping process and the insideout structure, is from the Pelomedusa subrufa.

We were interested in softness and malleability, but also achieving to stand upright and to gain a certain stiffness with the sewing and layering methods used. Sheep‘s felt (for stiffness) and sheep‘s wool (for isolation), cotton flannel (for the interior cladding) and leather (for protection) were chosen as main materials, for gaining the required heat increment by using only highly insulating natural materials. We have thus built a space in which the user can focus on his or her immediate environment and listen to their inner self with reduced distractions. Through the use of a system of connected zippers, the occupant of our prototype can decide when to open it, how much to open it, who to let in, or, to open the prototype up completely and invite others to sit with them comfortably - to control the moment and remain connected to the world surrounding them.