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Forms of Forces

Master Studio: Geography Landscapes Cities

Kathrin Aste

The aim of the project is to develop an architectonic design which reflects internal coherence with the landscape.
Parts of the project will be results of natural forces like the form of a place, a space, phenomenological and metaphorical elements and the remains of man-made infrastructures or anthropogenic overprints.
An experimental manipulation of geomorphology and geometry, scale and proportion, texture and structure should open the possibilities for architectonic interpretations. In so far this subject focuses on a specific design proposal as a result of a formal repertoire of architecture as a consequence of its context.
Fundamental for the project is dealing with the topography in opposition with remains of the former Limonaia or cotton factory.

Program: Limonaia or a greenhouse on the site near the Lago di Garda
Software: Rhino, Rhino terrain, grasshopper and programs for GIS Data processing, will be presented during the semester and taught in workshops.