REVIEW IV: Rethinking Geometries

Annual publication of the Institute for Art and Architecture

Review IV is exploring new developments of complex and emergent geometries and their impact on theory and production of architecture. Beyond expanding architecture’s formal possibilities, new digital technologies  and the development of new materials and fabrication technique challenge the way the discipline thinks about spatial and material organization. They question the design and form finding process and explore the capacity of emergent geometries for transforming the architectural discipline. Review IV is complementing the documentation of the lecture series "Rethinking Geometries" a with essays by internationally known authors. The publication includes a selection of designprojects from different studios taught at the IKA as well as projects by the Department of Scenography E.Wonder.

Essays by: Y. Friedman, G. Reitere, P. Andersen, S. Gruber, M.l Weinstock, E. An-He Kinzelbach, U. Königs, B. Cache, J. Meuwissen, D. Salomon, A. Gheorghe, C.J.K. Williams

Editors: Stefan Gruber, Erhard An-He Kinzelbach, Antje Lehn, Gabriele Reiterer, Nasrine Seraji


Design: Novamondo Design, Berlin

Published by Verlag Anton Pustet, Salzburg 2006

ISBN 3-7025-0543-1


160 pages

16,5 x 23,5 cm

€ 19,00

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