REVIEW V Next Life

Annual publication of the Institute for Art and Architecture

In 2006/07 the Institute of Art and Architecture at Academy of Fine Arts Vienna engaged a series of investigations on ‘How to live?’. Confronting the challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s society, we questioned the appropriateness of our built environment. The format and means of interrogation ranged from intensive workshops to semester long design projects, from impulsive debates to choreographed lecture series. Review 5 documents this quest and presents a selection of positions from students, professors and guests at the Institute of Art and Architecture.

Essays by: Christina Condak, Stefan Gruber, Erhard An-He Kinzelbach, Joachim Krausse, Nasrine Seraji, Peter Sloterdijk, Heidi Pretterhofer, Scott C. Wolf.

Editors: Christina Condak, Stefan Gruber, Antje Lehn, Nasrine Seraji

Design: Novamondo Design, Berlin

Published by Verlag Anton Pustet, Salzburg 2007

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