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Performing the Architectural Design Process

Design Paradigm is a pioneering design-based research project at the intersection of architectural theory, architectural design and visual culture, looking at the material culture of the architectural design process.

Design Paradigm argues that the impact of the Modern Movement has radically changed the practice of architectural design. Incorporating social, economic and technological issues into the architectural design instead of restricting it to aesthetic rules aims to anticipate the on-going changes of a modernised world within the design itself. It follows that the design process itself has to be designed!

The project gathers materials, media and techniques of »designed architectural design processes« and analyses their relationship to other visual disciplines like the arts, film, photography, theater, performance etc. This will result in a »material epistemology« of the architectural design process, signifying it as social and aesthetic practice.




Team: Angelika Schnell, Eva Sommeregger, Waltraud Indrist
Platform HTC | Founded: 2013


First output of Design Paradigm's research has recently been published in Entwerfen Erforschen. Der »performative turn« im Architekturstudium at Birkhäuser.

Design Paradigm

Entwerfen Erforschen. Der »performative turn« im Architekturstudium