*(De)Constructive Processes 

Demilitarization in the city - Stiftskaserne

Clemens Hasler

The project proposes the re-utilisation of a former military area – the Stiftskaserne army-barracks – in Vienna’s 7th district for the benefit of the local residents. It aims to create additional urban space in a dense city quarter by opening up a closed block for civil uses. Additionally to opening up to the neighbourhood, the project proposes spaces for housing and working for the enhancement of the neighbourhood.

A historic Flakturm that is monumental in its size dominates the block. Charged with history, today a Flakturm can be seen as a relic of a violent past and a monument against totalitarianism. As a reaction to the overwhelming presence of the Flakturm, the project works with interventions into the Flakturm that are guided by analytical observations and historical deconstruction. The aim of these interventions is the transformation of the existing Flakturm into a new artefact that highlights its changes over time.


Advisors: Wolfgang Tschapeller, Hannes Stiefel