Apostel 2.1

Matthias Brandmaier

The starting point of this project is a press conference by the catholic church in Vienna from January 16th 2012: A pilot project for the 10th district of Vienna was announced, in order to reduce the number of parishes in the district. Reasons are mostly financial reasons due to a drastic demographic shift within the last 20 years, meaning the decrease of catholic inhabitants from ⅔ to ⅓. After the planned consolidation, the disposal of obsolete church buildings was declared as an inevitable option. After analysing all of the 9 endangered churches, the church St.Johann at the Keplerplatz was chosen to develop a future concept. The first step was the recording of a detailed inventory of the square and the church, from street objects to shadow diagrams. The answer to the problem of shrinking parishes is quite the opposite: the ritual of the church will be changed, expanding itself onto the square while at the same time the church building opens up for uses of the surrounding neighbourhood, taking advantage of the diversity of programs at the Keplerplatz.

Advisor: Bernd Vlay