Modern Histories

Space-time and Architecture

Matthew Lenkiewicz

Using a ‘reverse archaeological method’, conjunctions of stories, people and buildings are engineered exploring latent progress and possibilities in recent architectural past. The project creates a series of three narratives close to the recognised modern(ist) architectural history, resulting (in some way) from their actual meetings with Albert Einstein, along with collections of objects, props and evidence to support them. Starting at different points (formal, historical, social coincidences) the space-time distortions created attempt to bring into contact architects, styles, worldviews and ideologies which were, although in some way, incongruent, possible within an accepted historical narrative. Using these distortions in architectural history as an effort towards material alchemy, the project attempts to develop a critical and a productive form of practice. Combining forms of architectural, artistic, historical research and archival practice to navigate away from perceived systematic structural constraints in conventional architectural practice.


Advisor: Hannes Mayer