SpielWiese LernLandschaft BewegungsRaum

Camilla Struklec

This work is an intensive study of modern rooms in education. The main focus and starting point for the work are schools and kindergartens in and around Austria. The child and its surround environment is the priority for all considerations regarding the room configurations and sequences leading to the final design. The defining questions WHERE and HOW a child learns also defines the fundamental activities like lying, sitting, standing, moving,
running and climbing. These activities can determine and form rooms that help the child while growing up, while learning and in evolving. Therefore, three setups for learning are portrayed in the designs: learning alone, learning in small groups and learning in big groups. An open and flowing concept design for rooms for children of the age of 3-10 is developed. Learning alongside each other or learning together is both possible in an open layout that still provides high flexibility for specific situations that are present for the different learning types. The Project SpielWiese, LernLandschaft, BewegungsRaum puts the emphasis explicitly on the room itself and how it is influenced and defined by its use and finally the interaction with child, the user.

Advisors: Ernst Fuchs, Antje Lehn