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Into the City, into the Territory

Lecture Series Summerterm 2015

Lectures summer term 2015:

23.03. CJ Lim (United Kingdom)

20.04. Kathrin Aste (Innsbruck/Wien)

11.05. Pascal Amphoux (Switzerland)

08.06. Marie-Françoise Plissart (Belgium)

22.06. Paola Vigano (Italy) ---> Lecture postponed to Tue. 23.06. !


The forthcoming lecture series continues the exploration of the relationship between city and landscape, focusing on the role of descriptions and representations in our understanding of territories and the urban realm.

Curated by Lisa Schmidt-Colinet
Sponsored by Waagner Biro



Into the City, into the Territory

Lecture Series Summerterm 2015

The lecture series will focus on the question of representation and description of landscape, territory and the city. At what point does the description through drawings and other media become a project on its own? For many years the various discourses on landscape urbanism have called for the dissolution of the dividing line between the city as densely built fabric and the territory as the surrounding landscape - promoting an understanding of our living environment as a continuous milieu. Movements have developed in two directions: Into the city, as constructed artificial nature, as buildings evoking land formations or as intense verdure overgrowing the city fabric. Into the territory, as projects of extensive mapping describing the environment and it´s geological, hydrological or biological phenomena in order to reveal potentials of the site and to cautiously integrate human settlements and infrastructure into the natural habitat. At the same time, European cities like Vienna seek to further densify the existing city fabric while looking for new strategies for spaces to breathe. Yet they continue to understand the relationship of buildings and open space as binary conditions in opposition.