Discursive Practises—Discursive Spaces

Lecture Series Summerterm 2016

Lectures summer term 2016:

14th March | GesprächsSalon | 7:30pm | Aktsaal
04th April | Hans-Jörg Rheinberger | Berlin | 7pm | 211a
23rd May | Josef Dabernig | Vienna| 7pm | 211a
13th June | Eva Díaz | New York | 7pm | 211a

This year’s summer lecture series will discuss modes of teaching and learning that have been practised at various schools of architecture, ranging from Black Mountain College and Bauhaus to contemporary teaching programmes. In this series aimed at students, teachers and anyone interested alike, we will focus on the question of how notions of process and discourse shape the ways in which “learning architecture” is thought, taught and practised.

The Lecture Series has been curated by the Doctoral Researchers of the Institute for Art and Architecture: Anamarija Batista, Waltraud Indrist and Eva Sommeregger.



Discursive Practises—Discursive Spaces

Lecture Series Summerterm 2016

We would like to thank Wolfgang Tschapeller, Lisa Schmidt-Colinet, Antje Lehn and our supervisor Angelika Schnell for their encouragement.

Supported by the IKA | Vice Rectorate Academy of Fine Arts | Waagner Biro | MA 7 Wissenschaftsfonds der Stadt Wien | Student’s Union