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The City's Ecology: Dirt and the Garbage Tree

Lecture Sandra Bartoli | 11.12.2017 | 19h | IKA Augasse

Instead of the assumption we are used to of the city as a mere machine of consumption, a closer understanding of the life cycles sustained—which also include animals, plants, and bacteria—should reframe the city as a construct that also produces energy and resources.

This lecture invites us for a mental walk in the wild, the urban, the natural, and through the resource systems of the city. It links together Persian water systems, mangrove habitats, fish farms, and the making of earth and air, along with the way alpine forests, meandering rivers, and lagoons can become “role models” for the construction of habitats where life-forms exist in mutual support. The lecture touches upon models and examples that, borrowing Irénée Scalbert’s words, “offer an account of the city in which the human and the non human and the social sphere are created together and are mutually dependent.”



The City's Ecology: Dirt and the Garbage Tree

Sandra Bartoli | Lecture Series 2017|18

The City’s Future Natural History | Winterterm 2017|18
Sandra Bartoli holds the Endowed Professorship for Visionary Forms of Cities at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, funded by the City of Vienna.

The endowed professorship for Visionary Forms of Cities (“City Culture and Open Space“) financed by the City of Vienna, was installed in 2015 within the study programs of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. It has the objective to artistically, radically and poetically bring forward the debate on city and architecture. The teaching and research beholden with the endowed professorship focuses on the formulation of radical and visionary concepts regarding urban space. A further goal is to intensify the exchange of ideas and knowledge transfer between the city of Vienna and the Institute for Art and Architecture.



The City’s Future Natural History

Sandra Bartoli | Endowed Professorship for Visionary Forms of Cities | Lecture Series Winterterm 2017|18

This series is composed of five lectures in 2017|18:

Lecture_1: 30.10. | Tiergarten, Landscape of Transgression

Lecture_2: 13.11. | Sun, Shit, Compost, and Air

Lecture_3: 27.11. | Worlds of Animals and Humans

Lecture_4: 11.12. | The City's Ecology: Dirt and the Garbage Tree

Lecture_5: 15.01. | The City’s Natural and Human Histories

all lectures start at 7pm

Room Forum / 1st floor, core N
Augasse 2–6, 1090 Vienna