HTC BArch Studio, Photo: Marcella Brunner

Bachelor of Architecture | Online Registration:     20.05.-07.06.2019

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Application for Bachelor of Architecture for study year 2019|20


BArch Online Registration is open in May/June: 20.05.-07.06.2019

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Address for application materials:

Augasse 2-6, A-1090 Wien | Sekretariat, room 1.3.11, first floor, core A



Bachelor of Architecture | personal interviews   2019




Further Information:

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Bachelor of Architecture | Admission

The application procedure for the BArch programme at the Institute for Art and Architecture consists of


  • submitting a portfolio
  • working on a set of given exercises
  • and a personal interview.

    Application materials:

    • online registration
    • letter of intent
    • copy of your Matura certificate (high school graduation certificate)
    • Proof of  German language proficiency: Level B2 (copy of your language certificate)
    • Proof of  English language proficiency: Level B2 (copy of your language certificate)
    • portfolio with your work

    Please be aware that you have to proof your knowledge of the German language and the English language (Level B2) before admission but latest before registration.

    Taking into account these three parts of the admission procedure, the applicants will be selected.  



    Bachelor of Architecture | Admission

    Letter of intent: in a text of max. one A4 page you should state your motivation and interests to study Architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

    The portfolio is a collection of work samples demonstrating effectively the applicants interest in architecture, space, material, textures, use/appropriations, form, light.... This can be shown by using different kind of media: e.g. drawings, sketches, plans, photos, critical writings, scripts, animation, or sound. Digital media should be additionally described on paper through image and text.

    The portfolio should not exceed A2 format and be bound or contained in a folder. Please label the portfolio with your name and the online registration number.



    Bachelor of Architecture | Admission




    Deadline for online registration. In order to registrate the applicant is asked to fill in the online application form; applicants will get a reply by eMail.



    Handout of exercises - applicants will receive an eMail with the entrance exercises.


    19.06.2019, 9am-4pm

    The applicants submit work produced during the assignments, their portfolio, and other application materials (letter of intent, copy of high school graduation certificate and german + english language certificate B2).



    Bachelor of Architecture | Admission


    Personal Interviews, Selection of students for study year 2019|20

    After successfully passing the admission test, you must register in person at the registrar's office with all required documents.

    After the application procedure all application materials and portfolios have to be picked up immediately after the entrance interviews are completed. No application materials or portfolios will be returned by the IKA via post or kept beyond the end of the semester.


    Address for application materials:

    Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien
    Institut für Kunst und Architektur
    Sekretariat: room 1.3.11, first floor, core A
    Augasse 2-6, A-1090 Wien

    Further information: