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Dr. techn.  | Open Call for Doctorate students

The IKA provides a doctorate study in architecture (Dr. techn.). It is open for all students with an appropriate university degree in architecture (Master, diploma). For an application the students need the signed agreement of one of the professors of the IKA based on a synopsis of the chosen dissertation topic.

Students are requested to contact the professor whose scientific field is related to the subject of the dissertation topic (see list of professors). During the contact phase students should clarify their main idea and also discuss whether the professor would be the appropriate teacher for the dissertation. Based on the synopsis of the proposed dissertation project and available capacity the professor will decide whether he or she is willing to supervise the dissertation. There is no deadline and also no admission fee.

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Dr. techn. | Doctorate study in architecture


List of professors and related subjects (platforms at the IKA)

Univ.-Prof. Alessandra Cianchetta
(Geography Landscape Cities)

Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Arch. Michelle Howard
(Construction Material Technology)

Ao. Univ.-Prof. Doz. Mag. Dr. August Sarnitz
(History Theory Criticism)

Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.-Ing. Angelika Schnell
(History Theory Criticism)

Univ.-Prof. Mag. Hannes Stiefel
(Ecology Sustainability Cultural Heritage)

Univ.-Prof. Mag. MA Wolfgang Tschapeller
(Analogue Digital Production)



Dr. techn. | Doctorate study in architecture


- Goal
Scientific research work on historical, theoretical, experimental issues of architecture, urbanism and art

- Application requirements
Required are Master or diploma degrees in architecture or related subjects. Additionally an acceptance of one of the professors of the IKA is needed that he or she will review the doctoral thesis. Basis for the acceptance is a written synopsis of the doctoral thesis topic (c. 10 or more pages). Recommended is also a face-to-face meeting if possible. The professors at the IKA have different professional skills and background (technical, historical, artistic etc.), hence it is highly recommended to choose one of them as a teacher quite carefully.

- Courses | The study contains 6 semester and 180 ECTS points.

8 contact hours in courses are required:
4 hours PhD students’ seminar 20 ECTS points
4 hours Privatissima 20 ECTS points



Dr. techn. | Doctorate study in architecture


- Dissertation (140 ECTS points)
Main reviewer has to be one of the professors of the IKA.
At least once the topic of the dissertation has to be presented to the audience of the Academy.
The dissertation has to be mainly written but might be supported by means of other media like drawings, photographs, computer animations etc.

- Review
Only professors with a venia docendi are allowed to teach.

- Examination
Basis for the examination (Rigorosum) is the positive review of the dissertation by two reviewers. The following oral Rigorosum will be held public. The grade will consist of the grade of the dissertation and the Rigorosum.

- Academic title
After positive completion of the dissertation and the Rigorosum the title Dr. techn. will be conferred.