Alexander Brodsky, Your Prison, Photo: Yuri Pavin

Living in Transition – Twenty-one Ways to Leave a House | BArch 1 Studio


Daniela Herold | Antje Lehn

mit Stefan Gruber, Michelle Howard, Angelika Schnell, Hannes Stiefel, Wolfgang Tschapeller
Mitwirkung Matthäa Ritter

This studio analyses the transitory space we cross everyday from our living environment to public space. The interface between the dwelling and the world becomes evident in different physical scenarios, it can be like a skin or membrane to step through, or like a sequence defining transit between inside and outside as a process. We see the entrance as an important foundation for spatial experience. It describes the moment where space opens up - continuously or suddenly -  where we change our behavior and perception and adapt to the conditions of the other side.

We are approaching transitional spaces in three exercises, each associated with one or two of the five platforms. In a first step we will investigate an everyday passage by mapping spatial sequences.



Living in Transition – Twenty-one Ways to Leave a House | BArch 1 Studio

Similar to a cinematic composition events and protagonists will be documented spatially and on a timeline. The next exercise we dedicate to materials and functions of the exit/entrance scenario. Analyzing entrance situations in historic and contemporary dwellings will help to understand the threshold between private and public. A third exercise will introduce the design process. Taking into account the moment of departure as a dramatic one, students are asked to develop a domestic transit space for a protagonist which supports the outward movement on a functional as well as a metaphorical level.