ISLAND interventions

Publication of First Semester Projects 2011

This is the second catalogue in a series which records the work of a first semester design studio. This year our studio focused on the topic of landscape, site and the value of un-programmed space. Within the larger context of the Architecture Institute’s theme on re-evaluating large complexes of the 1970’s, we choose the Danube Island as our case study. Although the island was engineered entirely for flood protection, it miraculously became an open public space for Vienna emerging out of the same technological confidences in large scale interventions, visions of growth and social equality of the time. For our studio, it was a territory to explore as we find it today and to find ways to describe it. Out of the specificities of the site the students suggested small interventions to mark a place and give orientation on the island. Some students created only guides for the island. Instead of concentrating on design matters, we concentrated on finding what is there. We document these projects for the institute, to reflect on our work and teaching.

Editors: Christina Condak/Daniela Herold