Der Schwedenplatz. Annäherungen

Werkstattbericht Nr. 132

Editors: Stadt Wien | Michael Diem, Antje Lehn, Erich Raith


A collection of students´ Projects from the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and TU Wien - all dealing with the Schwedenplatz in Vienna.

The range of works spans from analysis and mappings from a seminar taught by Antje Lehn to a design project on Fuzzy Fields taught by Stefan Rutzinger (Guestprofessor at the IKA in WS2012/13) at the Academy of Fine Arts - to reflexions on redesigning Schwedenplatz by Sabine Krierbein and Thiomir Viderman and the Students of SKuOR and a designstudio called "Stadtlabor" taught by Erich Raith and Christoph Luchsinger, Department of Urban Design at the TU Wien.

We would like to thank the City of Vienna, especially Michael Diem and Andrea Kreppenhofer for their invitation to produce this collection.
Thanks to Nefeli Papakyriakopoulou and Krystian Bieniek for graphics and layout.