Research – Observe – Make (ROM)

An Alternative Manual for Architectural Education

Editor: Michelle Howard

Research – Observe – Make (ROM) describes the evolution of the platform for Construction, Material & Technology (CMT), at the Institute for Art and Architecture of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. It is seated in the conviction that greater interaction with the world around us can provide untold levels of inspiration and indeed propose solutions if we only looked closely enough. This book is a team effort. It is edited by the director of the CMT platform, Michelle Howard, with essential contributions by Helmut Hempel, Jochen Käferhaus, Peter Bauer, Christian Fröhlich, Günther Dreger and Benedikt Frass. The development of ROM has been enriched by fascinating discussions with visitors from many professions, some of whom have been kind enough to share their thoughts for this publication. They are: Inge Andritz, Andre Broesel, Merritt Bucholz, Barbara Campbell Lange, Mario Carpo, Peter Carroll, Scott Chaseling, Hermann Czech, Vincent Ducatez, Hans Frey, Martin Lechner, Gian-Mauro Maurizio, Shelley McNamara, Jürgen Radatz, Shadi Rahbaran, Peter Ramskogler, Stefan Rutzinger, Nasrine Seraji, Michael Stadler, Hannes Stiefel, Mark West, Annett Zinsmeister