REVIEW VI: Five Platforms  Five Ecologies

Annual publication of the Institute for Art and Architecture

Ecological issues give back credibility and expertise to architecture and urbanism. Why? Perhaps because they are scientific, measurable and evaluative. Ecological topics raise awareness, win competitions, and attract large investments, as reports on CO2 emission and climate catastrophes capture worldwide news.
Thus it is time to reflect on ecology: within the year´s theme and lecture series „Architecture after Tomorrow“ all platforms and studio topics at the Institute of Art and Architecture aimed at challenging common stereotypes of eco-architecture and questioning the actual performance of preconceived “solutions”. Review VI features papers putting forward visions towards a well-tempered architecture by the lecturers of the lecture series as well as positions by the teaching faculty of the Institute.

Essays by: Françoise Fromonot, Arjen Oosterman, Stefan Behnisch, Walter Stelzhammer, Jeffrey Kenworthy, Stefan Gruber, Markus Schaefer, Gabu Heindl, Titusz Tarnai, Bart Lootsma, Wouter Vanstiphout

Editors: Christina Condak, Gabu Heindl, Lisa Schmidt-Colinet, Nasrine Seraji

Design: Novamondo Design, Berlin

Published by Verlag Anton Pusted, Salzburg 2009

ISBN 9783702506070


176 pages

16,5 x 23,5 cm

€ 22,00

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