A virtual cultivation

Uwe Brunner

In my master thesis I am addressing the idea of a process-orientated perception of space and possible ways of depicting it. The investigation is based on the nature illustrations of Ernst Haeckel which were published in the book „Art forms in nature“, in 1904. The world we are living in is increasingly becoming more complex. We are gaining access to a steady growing diversity of informations and on the same time experiencing an ubiquitous and ongoing theorization of our everyday life. We are constantly acting in a space that is composed of a multitude of dimension but we are capable of perceiving just a fraction of this coexisting spacial realities by our senses. However, it is an intrinsic desire of humanity not only to be aware of this complexity that is surrounding (or penetrating) us but to strive for techniques and methods of depicting it. The focus of this master project is to understand and to image space itself as a product of   variety of virtualities and simultaneous existing events. That means to perceive (or grasp) architecture and form as active entities that are in a constant process of transformation and change. Furthermore, this approach will be enriched by an aesthetical theory that links the concept of an active space to a notion of sympathy within an architectural context.

Advisors: Kathrin Aste, Luciano Parodi