The PitOf Fluvial Events And Interstitial SpaceDer ganze Heldenplatz zirkaQuerschnitte und Projektionen eines demokratischen RaumsLiminal MemoirThe Political Ecology of the Spit Land Art Survey - Relazioni di terra: PRATO D’ARTE MARZONAVerzegnis, Italy Off-GridArogenesisTrajectories through interzonal spaces??See-ing RotterdamRiverrunLetting the Wienfluss out to playDefinitions of an IslandLa Strada NovissimaEmbodiment! Discourse! Performance! Enactment! City's EndThe discovery of Vienna's urban border spacesGround of CuriositiesEntering a vessel under.the.groundBetween Stone and AsphaltOn Street, a report Theories of ExoticismProgramming the DesertThe City is the New ForestSixteen voices in fourteen projectsQuestions of Building. Buildings of Questions9-14 MayHave you eaten yet?(de)staging woman*nessA Feminist Exploration of Dwelling and Domestic Interiors in Post-Communist Bucharest, Romania... im Garten der Lüfterethinking the urban airscape of Naschmarktparkplatz Das RiedArchē and Archives in a Bog between Bordersa house-for-all
testing grounds for an inclusive architecture
Sampling a No-Waste Architecture in the CountrysideA World full of Drama and PotentialDiagenesis

A Choreography for Architectural Sediments
tagträume an der schaummaschineDiagenesis In between SynchronicitiesDiagenesis The GhostDiagenesis Blind ArchitectureDiagenesis Ground ExpansionsThe Political Ecology of the SpitA Time to Keep in SchwarzortThe Political Ecology of the SpitHaute VoléeThe Political Ecology of the SpitBattery City AthensBuilding Biodiversity – Learning Biodiversity – Creating Biodiverse EnvironmentsShading the Baroque GardenUnbuilding the Augarten ParkBuilding Biodiversity – Learning Biodiversity – Creating Biodiverse EnvironmentsGardening is LabourMultispecies EntanglementBuilding Biodiversity – Learning Biodiversity – Creating Biodiverse EnvironmentsThe Ring of Biodiversityno monument is an islandBuilding Biodiversity – Learning Biodiversity – Creating Biodiverse EnvironmentsWays of WaterRefuge for Plants and AnimalsBuilding Biodiversity – Learning Biodiversity – Creating Biodiverse EnvironmentsKrongartenA biodiverse oasis replaces the space for two carsBuilding Biodiversity – Learning Biodiversity – Creating Biodiverse EnvironmentsNotes on Concert Halls and Chamber Music Rooms
Thermal GardenArchitecture of FilteringReport From Outer Spacethrough the looking glassvon realitäten und anderen hirngespinstenEpistemology of Exoticism Forest and GardenTANKEDRecare of ResistanceTANKEDAn Ark in a Sea of TarTANKEDThe StayTANKEDSeeking the RootsTANKEDQueer Bodies in Queer SpaceTANKEDHealing GroundTANKEDFORM of a museum,
or: every day (in) (a) museum
BodyspacemotionthingsFirst SemesterBodyspacemotionthingsQuestions of Buildings Buildings of QuestionsMore Notes on House, Kitchen, Brain, Bodyand Gastro-esophageal Vestibule5 GivensMore Notes on House, Kitchen, Brain, BodyUrban Scotoecologies IICity of BedsBuilding Resilience Learning ResilienceCreating resilient EnvironmentsThe Wall As A HabitatBuilding Resilience Learning ResilienceAtlas of the BeeBuilding Resilience Learning ResilienceMYBODYISATOOLSHEDBuilding Resilience Learning ResilienceHousingTaking the WatersDas Wasser nehmenTaking the WatersHOOKUPUrban ScotoecologiesHOOD140Sceneries of Intrusion
Pictures in Motion in the Context of the Camera Obscura
A Room with an OutlookA cinematic reconstruction of everyday spatial routines (... as prompted by Marcel)Negative LandscapesAlpine ApparatusNegative LandscapesTerritories of the Post-AnthropoceneNegative LandscapesThe Kardex SystemNegative LandscapesTheatre of the CarNegative LandscapesPhantasmography IISpaces of AccumulationGarbage NationPhantasmography IIStructures of Accumulation Agricultural Theatre, El EjidoPhantasmography IIBody Tracesa sensual inquiry of spaces of fearPhantasmography IIArchitecture and Ongoing Discontents Radio Palladio On ReconstructionArchitecture and Ongoing Discontents Radio Palladio On MonumentalityArchitecture and Ongoing Discontents Radio Palladio On GuiltArchitecture and Ongoing Discontents Hook-UpWays of Knowing a Building In Search of Hansen's GridWays of Knowing a Building The Science of DocumentationWays of Knowing a Building The Science of SectionsWays of Knowing a Building Live PhenomenaWays of Knowing a Building Collage ModelWays of Knowing a Building From the CityWays of Knowing a Building Urban ScotoecologiesMediator of StimulationShades of Exploration and RetreatGo Ahead28–30 June Beyond the FenceA Proposal for an alternative Production of Urbanisation in China's temporary Hybrid LandscapesMnemoscapeLandscape as Collective MemoryTowards a new liminality
A series of explorations of beings in constant change
Deserted Islands

Tales from the Public SkyReclaiming Bathing Culture
Body . Water . City
HITZE TAKES COMMANDA counter-narrative to the single-family house paradiseSpace-BeingsPhantasmographyPrototyping ParadisePhönixteich notationsPrototyping ParadiseExposure of AffectionPrototyping ParadiseRestructuring RitualsDeveloping a routine with a friend Prototyping ParadiseSlapstick ParadisePrototyping ParadiseSmashup TooSymbiotic GardenSmashup TooThe Resonance of the RuinSmashup TooHead in the CloudsSmashup TooCoalesceSmashup TooGroundswellThe banal and the specificPlay in Ottakring and HernalsGroundswellGestures of UnsealingGroundswellSpaces of ProductionGroundswellA Building??Unter der Hohen Brückedigging in a ditch, writing for a placeThe traces we leave behind222 x 222Design from the inside out SmashupDesert TheoryShadow Wind and Mirror TalesStudies on potential functions of shadows, winds and mirrors in the urban wilderness of nearby futures Book of HitzeThe Good LifeI am wearing Hedwig's woolVenus in FursHeterogeneVenus in FursHabitatCladVenus in FursHeat, Ice Cores, Manganese NodulesHybrids in BecomingSympoietic relationships within bodies, environments and societiesLaniakeaAn Intergalactic PhenomenonArchitects in the Neoliberal Age Voices on the present stateRaumparkFaux Terrain ViennaCity CoolingPerceptual GroundsCollective Memory as an Archive of Urban IdentityHeat Takes TimeVenus in FursClothing as a layer between skin and buildingBurning Down the House II: Rekindling Paradise

Open City SpongeBurning Down the House II: Rekindling Paradise Pteridomania. The Time GardenBurning Down the House II: Rekindling Paradise In-Between EnclosureBurning Down the House II: Rekindling Paradise Raumpark
Faux Terrain Vienna
City CoolingHeat, Ice Cores, Manganese NodulesInto The Heatinto the woodsVirtual silviculture in a real forestThe City as a HouseThe Dissolution of my EyeReality doesn't need meImmaterEalityArchive and Platform for Digital ArtTwo Structures in Outer SpaceOr, how to distribute /in/visible resources?RaumparkFaux Terrain ViennaDONAU - PARKRaumparkKOIT / WOAMThe Generation of a Ritualistic CommunityRaumparkabout the logic of the vagueRaumparkSeven States of ChangeRaumparkCor_a_lescenceRaumparkRebuilding Viennese Environments with ArchitectureBack to the WoodsRe-evolving the forest back into the urban environmentRebuilding Viennese Environments with ArchitectureGrowing MazeRebuilding Viennese Environments with ArchitectureUrban Waste TowersRebuilding Viennese Environments with ArchitectureStadtverwaldungLearning from Beuys?if crops run free StadtverwaldungExhumation, a Tree KatasterStadtverwaldungMoosgraben. Immersive journey through the forestStadtverwaldungCircular Garden (hortus conclusus)StadtverwaldungBurning Down the HouseConstruction and CombustionComposter
Burning Down the House
The Beauty Keeps Striking Me Burning Down the HouseA Total DeforestationBurning Down the HouseA Forest and a City are the SameBurning Down the HouseThe Projected MindCognitive Processes and their Digital TracesThe Spatiality of FoodSpeculations towards a new Urban HospitalityDusts ChambersNeue Altstadt,
Frankfurt / Main
Geschichte einer Anreicherung
Polyannular Cyclide[V]erwünschte BionikDevastierte Landschaft Welzow Süd ICharleroi RoulantA bio-urban processCorrealities under constructionRethinking KieslerCorrealities under constructionStill cold?The dialogue between Bauhaus and Vienna circleThe Dialogue Between Bauhaus and Vienna CircleStill cold?Spheres, Pedestals, VitrinesThe Architecture of HistoryThe Architectural Design of HistorySpheres, Pedestals, VitrinesMaster / PiecesHow to live in an air handler?Dimension X The society of the dronesBelgrade's radical marginsThe political past and the post-political cityEmiliaThe Trauma MachineA Wall Around A Public BuildingFabrickatedA Wall Around A Public BuildingTogether in PublicAn Enquiry into Contemporary PublicnessWorldmaking Geologies
A pleasure garden for post-Brexit LondonTogether in Public
FLUSH!The toilet as laboratory and interface for an investigation between inner and outer spaceBody PlumbingFLUSH!ToiletFLUSH!ZwischenFLUSH!Sur le QuaiCanal Saint MartinFLUSH!Global ArtscapesEndless Walter PichlerGlobal ArtscapesRotating DioramaGlobal ArtscapesA Wall Around A Public BuildingReview Winter 2018Magazine A Wall Around A Public Building(Anti)MimesisWhat colour is a chameleon placed in a mirror box?An Indefinite Reconstruction(Anti)MimesisThe Research Laboratory INGRID for sustainable image referencing(Anti)MimesisUNITX(Anti)MimesisI Reflection - Jacques Lacan, The Mirror Stage, & Me(Anti)MimesisAmbiguous EdgesThe Shape of TimeTowards a crypto-architecturePromise of the FutureFragmented Narrative for a Post-Labour SocietyPost-historical DreamingMotion/EmotionThe essence of gardensKeimenoHortus AlienumScenographies Of Nobody’s Voyage Six Characters in Search of an Authorplasti‧glom‧e‧rate [noun]: /ˈplæstɪˈɡlɑm(ə)ɹət/Six Characters in Search of an AuthorThe land we live in
The land we left behind

Six Characters in Search of an Author
A Big Communal HouseCivilization without homesA Big Communal HouseUntitled | House of SleepA Big Communal HouseVienna RossaThe Magic Mountain of Austro-MarxismThe Magic Mountain of Austro MarxismA fictitious discussion of the ideological critique of Red ViennaVienna RossaThe Magic Mountain of Austro-MarxismVienna RossaTranslations from
Drawing to Drawing
To draw is to convey
Observing the Confusion Translations from Drawing to DrawingTracing StirlingTranslations from Drawing to DrawingThe City’s Future
Natural History
In the Beginning and End, There Was Prater
Pars pro toto - aka -
The great piece of turf
The City’s Future Natural History
DeadwoodThe City’s Future Natural History Fifty-Year Successional Forest-CityThe City’s Future Natural History Do We Need Buildings ...
And Who Are We?
DewDo We Need Buildings ... And Who Are We?27 humansDo We Need Buildings ... And Who Are We?FogDo We Need Buildings ... And Who Are We?Continuous RainDo We Need Buildings ... And Who Are We?grenzgangThe Architecture of a BurrowA spatial translation of Franz Kafkas short story “The Burrow”The disappeared valley
Reconciliation with the landscape
Inhabiting the CityKoathInhabiting the CityLineStatic Structure Dynamic HabitationInhabiting the CityThe quality of distanceInhabiting the CityUselessUselessUselessVesselsUselessMatrix_MaytricksTotal Matrix, Serra Starters, Body CastsMatrix_MaytricksUNTITLED: Critical Environments IVSurrogateUNTITLED: Critical Environments IV(-)UNTITLED: Critical Environments IVQuantum Kitchen PhysicsUNTITLED: Critical Environments IVStadtbadUNTITLED: Critical Environments IV®_bar!¡cadThe Ephemeral InfiniteMonument / VirtualityA virtual cultivationImage of Fragile Traces | Reflection of Fragile TracesRoman Bath at Praterstern in ViennaTread SoftlyThe Embroidered ClothTread SoftlyVORGRIFF: Another Attempt at Cultural HeritageAbsorbatory VORGRIFF: Another Attempt at Cultural Heritagespace of negotiationVORGRIFF: Another Attempt at Cultural Heritagecontinuity, interruptedVORGRIFF: Another Attempt at Cultural Heritagetranslated geometryVORGRIFF: Another Attempt at Cultural Heritagemorphing districtVORGRIFF: Another Attempt at Cultural HeritageLe TourVORGRIFF: Another Attempt at Cultural HeritageThe Synthesizer
Of Instrumentation and Tectonics
pleasure with[out] controlMACHINISM_ MASOCHISM_ MACHISMO//// EM'BASSY/Endless deceleration MACHINISM_ MASOCHISM_ MACHISMO//// EM'BASSY/Nordseekrabben, or: How to fight right-wing populism?No end to the crisis of representationSymposium panel 3Nordseekrabben, or: How to fight right-wing populism?The future of homo creans in the AnthropoceneSymposium panel 2Nordseekrabben, or: How to fight right-wing populism?Causes and consequences of the postmodern identity discourseSymposium panel 1Nordseekrabben, or: How to fight right-wing populism?Fabric of PlaceSix Bus Stops for Sankt ValentinReview Winter 2016MagazineFabric of PlaceGeography Landscapes CitiesEcology Sustainability Cultural HeritageConstruction Material TechnologyAnalog Digital ProductionHistory Theory Criticism