HITZE TAKES COMMANDNerea CalvilloHeated PollutionPhilipp BlomNature's Mutiny - Nature and Culture in Times of Climate Change No Man's Land | الأرض المحايدة Kanaan Palästinensische Filmwoche WienVandana ShivaOtto Wagner Lecture 2019Earth OthersFilmscreening with Vandana ShivaHITZE 1Ulrike LohmannThe role of clouds and aerosol particles in the current and a warmer climateHITZESome Walks and Talks to Begin WithPhilippe Rahm Recent climatic architecturesAlessandra Cianchetta | WorksFinal ReviewsSummer term 2019IKA Master Thesis ExhibitionEveryday? Ungewohnte Blickwinkel auf AlltäglichesDonnerstags in der Bibliothekexhibition.on.ressourcesOn the central norms and imperatives of Western aesthetics

Ruth Sonderegger | Philosopher | Vienna
blank #1 Donnerstags in der BibliothekAnima Ex Machina. Exploration of an artificial identityDonnerstags in der BibliothekWas bleibt von der Weltbürgermoderne? Der Dialog zwischen Wissenschaft und Kunst am BauhausBilder der Stadt kartierenDear Werner Herzog
Sonia Leimer | Architect, Artist | Vienna
Midterm ReviewsSummer term 2019The Provocation of the Standstill
Kerstin Meyer | Economist, Activist | Berlin
Gebrauchswertromantik und Vernunft ohne Instrumente
Diedrich Diederichsen | Author, Critic
Imaginary Display(s)Screening | Performance | DiscussionTransforming PracticeEnvironments of and for Architectural Education llDonnerstags in der BibliothekFrom the "Unemployed of Marienthal" to the robotic ageEva Buchinger | SociologistMaster ThesisUselessnessIs this humankind's most valuable tool?Rundgang 20196 Characters in Search of AuthorExhibitionThe Magic Mountain of Austro MarxismA fictitious discussion of the ideological critique of Red ViennaConstructing The CommonsAmbiguous EdgesIch bin Otto Wagner!Antonio Negri Otto Wagner Lecture 2018Perception as Controlled HallucinationLucia Melloni | Cognitive NeuroscientistDonna Haraway: Story Telling for Earthly SurvivalFilm by Fabrizio Terranova (2016)Das Rote Wien und die Wiener Moderne. Zur 'Veralltäglichung' der Utopie
Wolfgang Maderthaner | Historian
The Digital BodyMichael J. Black | Computer ScientistIdentitectureJohannes Paul Raether | ArtistGetting to the Heart of the Matter - a Scientist's TryJohann Wojta | BiologistManfredo Tafuri und die Ideologie der Form im Roten Wien
Johan Hartle | Art Historian
What Beings are We?Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky
Marc Bois | Historian
2nd Vienna Doctoral Student Symposium in Architecture