Gabu Heindl and               Eduard Freudmann

The Monument May Be A Forest | Warsaw

Competition for a Memorial to "commemorate Poles who rescued Jews during the German occupation" in Warsaw, April 2015

About the winning project by Gabu Heindl and Eduard Freudmann / excerpt from the Jury protocol:
"The project represents a novel concept of commemoration via processual aspect rather than monumentality of imposing physical presence. It bases on notions of care, comitment, fragility and risk, as much as the very acts of sheltering the Jews by the Righteous. Another important and inherent aspect of the project relates to it’s participatory and the potential to disseminate the commemoration through time and space. The trees planted in the nursery will perform a function of a message by being distributed and replanted in different locations historically bound to Jewish life in Poland."

> The Monument May Be A Forest

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The work of Artgineering won various awards and prizes, such as Europan 6 and the Karl-Hofer Award. It was published for example in A+U, De Architect, Derive an