Towards a new liminality
A series of explorations of beings in constant change
Hybrids in BecomingSympoietic relationships within bodies, environments and societiesLaniakeaAn Intergalactic Phenomenoninto the woodsVirtual silviculture in a real forestThe City as a HouseThe Dissolution of my EyeImmaterEalityArchive and Platform for Digital ArtThe Projected MindCognitive Processes and their Digital TracesPolyannular CyclideCharleroi RoulantA bio-urban processSpheres, Pedestals, VitrinesThe Architecture of HistoryDimension X The society of the dronesEmiliaThe Trauma MachineTogether in PublicAn Enquiry into Contemporary PublicnessWorldmaking Geologies
A pleasure garden for post-Brexit London
The Shape of TimeTowards a crypto-architecturePost-historical DreamingMotion/EmotionThe essence of gardensA Big Communal House27 humansDo We Need Buildings ...
And Who Are We?
The Architecture of a BurrowA spatial translation of Franz Kafkas short story “The Burrow”(-)®_bar!¡cadINTRA SPACEThe reformulation of architectural space as a dialogical aestheticMonument / VirtualityA virtual cultivationpleasure with[out] controlEndless deceleration MACHINISM_