Moosgraben. Immersive journey through the forestThe Beauty Keeps Striking Me into the woodsVirtual silviculture in a real forestTwo Structures in Outer SpaceOr, how to distribute /in/visible resources?Dear Werner Herzog
Sonia Leimer | Architect, Artist | Vienna
The Provocation of the Standstill
Kerstin Meyer | Economist, Activist | Berlin
Correalities under constructionThe land we live in
The land we left behind

Master / PiecesDimension X The society of the dronesRotating DioramaEndless Walter PichlerWorldmaking Geologies
A pleasure garden for post-Brexit London
The Shape of TimeTowards a crypto-architecturePost-historical DreamingMotion/EmotionThe essence of gardensKeimenoSix Characters in Search of an AuthorDeadwoodPars pro toto - aka -
The great piece of turf
DewThe City’s Future
Natural History
In the Beginning and End, There Was Prater
grenzgangThe Architecture of a BurrowA spatial translation of Franz Kafkas short story “The Burrow”The disappeared valley
Reconciliation with the landscape
Quantum Kitchen PhysicsSurrogatemorphing districtspace of negotiationVORGRIFF: Another Attempt at Cultural HeritageThe Synthesizer
Of Instrumentation and Tectonics