(de)staging woman*nessA Feminist Exploration of Dwelling and Domestic Interiors in Post-Communist Bucharest, RomaniaThe Science of DocumentationThe Science of SectionsArchitecture and Ongoing Discontents Perceptual GroundsCollective Memory as an Archive of Urban IdentityThe Spatiality of FoodSpeculations towards a new Urban HospitalityWas bleibt von der Weltbürgermoderne? Der Dialog zwischen Wissenschaft und Kunst am BauhausThe Dialogue Between Bauhaus and Vienna CircleThe Architectural Design of HistoryStill cold?The dialogue between Bauhaus and Vienna circleSpheres, Pedestals, VitrinesThe Architecture of HistoryThe land we live in
The land we left behind

Belgrade's radical marginsThe political past and the post-political cityInterpretations of the Renaissancein the Post-war Italian Modern Architecture DiscourseThe Magic Mountain of Austro MarxismA fictitious discussion of the ideological critique of Red ViennaIch bin Otto Wagner!Das Rote Wien und die Wiener Moderne. Zur 'Veralltäglichung' der Utopie
Wolfgang Maderthaner | Historian
KeimenoManfredo Tafuri und die Ideologie der Form im Roten Wien
Johan Hartle | Art Historian
Relationen: Texte und Bauten What Beings are We?Vienna RossaThe Magic Mountain of Austro-MarxismTracing StirlingMargarete Schütte-Lihotzky
Marc Bois | Historian
grenzgangThe disappeared valley
Reconciliation with the landscape
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Of Instrumentation and Tectonics
BIG!BAD?MODERN:Four Megabuildings in Vienna