The Wall As A Habitat
Live PhenomenaCoalesceMnemoscapeLandscape as Collective MemoryA counter-narrative to the single-family house paradiseShadow Wind and Mirror TalesStudies on potential functions of shadows, winds and mirrors in the urban wilderness of nearby futures Into The HeatThe Architectural Design of HistoryThe land we live in
The land we left behind

plasti‧glom‧e‧rate [noun]: /ˈplæstɪˈɡlɑm(ə)ɹət/UselessnessIs this humankind's most valuable tool?FLUSH!The toilet as laboratory and interface for an investigation between inner and outer spaceGlobal ArtscapesToiletPost-historical DreamingObserving the Confusion Translations from
Drawing to Drawing
To draw is to convey
Tracing StirlingVesselsUselessUselessThe Ephemeral InfiniteMonument / VirtualityLe TourA virtual cultivationVORGRIFF: Another Attempt at Cultural HeritageBIG!BAD?MODERN:Four Megabuildings in ViennaBig!Bad?Modern:Four Mega Buildings in Vienna