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The land we left behind

plasti‧glom‧e‧rate [noun]: /ˈplæstɪˈɡlɑm(ə)ɹət/UselessnessIs this humankind's most valuable tool?FLUSH!The toilet as laboratory and interface for an investigation between inner and outer spaceGlobal ArtscapesToiletPost-historical DreamingObserving the Confusion Translations from
Drawing to Drawing
To draw is to convey
Tracing StirlingVesselsWooden PrototypesUselessThe Ephemeral InfiniteMonument / VirtualityLe TourA virtual cultivationVORGRIFF: Another Attempt at Cultural HeritageBIG!BAD?MODERN:Four Megabuildings in ViennaBig!Bad?Modern:Four Mega Buildings in Vienna