The PitOf Fluvial Events And Interstitial SpaceDer ganze Heldenplatz zirkaQuerschnitte und Projektionen eines demokratischen RaumsLiminal MemoirBordering PlantsThe Political Ecology of the Spit BArch + MArch CMT at Sustainability ForumMaterial for the FutureLand Art Survey - Relazioni di terra: PRATO D’ARTE MARZONAVerzegnis, Italy Haute VoléeA Time to Keep in SchwarzortYanis VaroufakisOtto Wagner Lecture 2023ArogenesisTrajectories through interzonal spaces??See-ing RotterdamRiverrunLetting the Wienfluss out to playDefinitions of an IslandLa Strada NovissimaEmbodiment! Discourse! Performance! Enactment! Blind ArchitectureThe GhostIn between Synchronicitiestagträume an der schaummaschineKrongartenA biodiverse oasis replaces the space for two carsWays of WaterRefuge for Plants and AnimalsThe Ring of Biodiversityno monument is an islandGardening is LabourMultispecies EntanglementShading the Baroque GardenUnbuilding the Augarten ParkCity's EndThe discovery of Vienna's urban border spacesGround of CuriositiesEntering a vessel under.the.groundBetween Stone and AsphaltOn Street, a report Theories of ExoticismProgramming the DesertThe City is the New ForestSixteen voices in fourteen projectsHealing GroundQueer Bodies in Queer SpaceSeeking the RootsThe StayAn Ark in a Sea of TarRecare of Resistance
First SemesterAnne LacatonDas Potential von OrtenUdo MaierhoferBionic Extremity ReconstructionQuestions of Building. Buildings of Questions9-14 MayLucia PietroiustiCurating ecological practicesChrista SommererThe Artwork as a Living System - a focus on VR and AR worksHave you eaten yet?(de)staging woman*nessA Feminist Exploration of Dwelling and Domestic Interiors in Post-Communist Bucharest, Romania... im Garten der Lüfterethinking the urban airscape of Naschmarktparkplatz Das RiedArchē and Archives in a Bog between Bordersa house-for-all
testing grounds for an inclusive architecture
Sampling a No-Waste Architecture in the CountrysideA World full of Drama and PotentialRuptured LandscapesWiener HitzeArchitecture and Storytelling in Times of HeatDiagenesis

A Choreography for Architectural Sediments
Ground ExpansionsThe Political Ecology of the SpitBattery City AthensBuilding Biodiversity – Learning Biodiversity – Creating Biodiverse EnvironmentsNotes on Concert Halls and Chamber Music Rooms
Territorial AgencyClimate Peace5 GivensThermal GardenArchitecture of FilteringReport From Outer Spacethrough the looking glassvon realitäten und anderen hirngespinstenMomoyo KaijimaArchitectural BehaviorologyInvisible SymposiumRuptured LandscapesBenjamin SteiningerErdöl. Ein Atlas der PetromoderneKLIMA AKTION OKTOBER x IKACare and RepairBenjamin HossbachWien Museum - Wettbewerb und WettbewerbsmanagementDas Wasser nehmenEpistemology of Exoticism Forest and GardenTANKEDFORM of a museum,
or: every day (in) (a) museum
BodyspacemotionthingsRuptured LandscapesThe Wall As A HabitatAtlas of the BeeMYBODYISATOOLSHEDGarbage NationBody Tracesa sensual inquiry of spaces of fearStructures of Accumulation Agricultural Theatre, El Ejidoignored technologyGestured and Spoken Knowledge Exchange Format
Plants over TimeShort Film ProgramSpheres and ConesPlants as Practitioners
Radio Palladio On MonumentalityRadio Palladio On GuiltRadio Palladio On ReconstructionMore Notes on House, Kitchen, Brain, Bodyand Gastro-esophageal VestibuleUrban Scotoecologies IICity of BedsBuilding Resilience Learning ResilienceCreating resilient EnvironmentsHousingTaking the WatersLive PhenomenaThe Science of DocumentationHOOKUPTheatre of the CarThe Kardex SystemTerritories of the Post-AnthropoceneAlpine ApparatusUrban ScotoecologiesThe Science of SectionsUnstable BodiesHOOD140A Room with an OutlookA cinematic reconstruction of everyday spatial routines (... as prompted by Marcel)Negative LandscapesPhantasmography IISpaces of AccumulationArchitecture and Ongoing Discontents Urban ScotoecologiesCoalesceHead in the CloudsThe Resonance of the RuinSymbiotic GardenAmbivalences of ModernityThe architect and City Planner Roland Rainer Between Dictatorship and DemocracyExposure of AffectionPhönixteich notationsSlapstick ParadiseRestructuring RitualsDeveloping a routine with a friend Go Ahead28–30 June Spaces of ProductionGestures of UnsealingThe banal and the specificPlay in Ottakring and HernalsBeyond the FenceA Proposal for an alternative Production of Urbanisation in China's temporary Hybrid LandscapesJutta WeberTinkering with the 'Theoryless': The New Epistemology of Contemporary AIMnemoscapeLandscape as Collective MemoryTowards a new liminality
A series of explorations of beings in constant change
Deserted Islands

Tales from the Public SkyReclaiming Bathing Culture
Body . Water . City
HITZE TAKES COMMANDPeter SellarsThe Architecture of Injustice, and the Architecture of JusticeHITZE 2

Out of the EyeDrawing Perspectives and Profiling Figures in ArchitectureA counter-narrative to the single-family house paradiseGroundswellReview Summer 2020MagazineUnter der Hohen Brückedigging in a ditch, writing for a placeThe traces we leave behind222 x 222Design from the inside out SmashupDesert TheoryShadow Wind and Mirror TalesStudies on potential functions of shadows, winds and mirrors in the urban wilderness of nearby futures Book of HitzeThe Good LifeI am wearing Hedwig's woolVenus in FursHeterogeneVenus in FursHabitatCladVenus in FursHybrids in BecomingSympoietic relationships within bodies, environments and societiesLaniakeaAn Intergalactic PhenomenonReview Winter 2019MagazineArchitects in the Neoliberal Age Voices on the present stateIn-Between EnclosureOpen City SpongeRaumparkFaux Terrain ViennaCity CoolingTACK talksCommunities of Tacit KnowledgeCircular Garden (hortus conclusus)Moosgraben. Immersive journey through the forestif crops run free Exhumation, a Tree KatasterHITZE 2Perceptual GroundsCollective Memory as an Archive of Urban IdentityHeat Takes TimeVenus in FursClothing as a layer between skin and buildingBurning Down the House II: Rekindling Paradise

Faux Terrain Vienna
Heat, Ice Cores, Manganese NodulesInto The HeatInto the HeatUrban Waste TowersGrowing MazeBack to the WoodsRe-evolving the forest back into the urban environmentCor_a_lescenceSeven States of Changeabout the logic of the vagueKOIT / WOAMThe Generation of a Ritualistic CommunityDONAU - PARKA Forest and a City are the SameA Total DeforestationThe Beauty Keeps Striking Me into the woodsVirtual silviculture in a real forestThe City as a HouseComposter
The Dissolution of my EyeReality doesn't need meNerea CalvilloHeated PollutionPhilipp BlomNature's Mutiny - Nature and Culture in Times of Climate ChangeVandana ShivaOtto Wagner Lecture 2019Earth OthersFilmscreening with Vandana ShivaHITZE 1Ulrike LohmannThe role of clouds and aerosol particles in the current and a warmer climateTwo Structures in Outer SpaceOr, how to distribute /in/visible resources?RaumparkFaux Terrain ViennaRebuilding Viennese Environments with ArchitectureStadtverwaldungLearning from Beuys?Burning Down the HouseConstruction and Combustion
Philippe Rahm Recent climatic architecturesThe Projected MindCognitive Processes and their Digital TracesAlessandra Cianchetta | WorksThe Spatiality of FoodSpeculations towards a new Urban Hospitalityexhibition.on.ressourcesDusts ChambersNeue Altstadt,
Frankfurt / Main
Geschichte einer Anreicherung
Polyannular CyclideCharleroi RoulantA bio-urban processblank #1 Donnerstags in der BibliothekWas bleibt von der Weltbürgermoderne? Der Dialog zwischen Wissenschaft und Kunst am BauhausBilder der Stadt kartierenDear Werner Herzog
Sonia Leimer | Architect, Artist | Vienna
Communities of Tacit Knowledge | Horizon 2020The Provocation of the Standstill
Kerstin Meyer | Economist, Activist | Berlin
The Dialogue Between Bauhaus and Vienna CircleThe Architectural Design of HistoryRethinking KieslerAldo Rossis Konstruktion des WirklichenEine Architekturtheorie mit WidersprüchenCorrealities under constructionStill cold?The dialogue between Bauhaus and Vienna circleSpheres, Pedestals, VitrinesThe Architecture of HistoryThe land we live in
The land we left behind

Master / Piecesplasti‧glom‧e‧rate [noun]: /ˈplæstɪˈɡlɑm(ə)ɹət/UselessnessIs this humankind's most valuable tool?How to live in an air handler?Rundgang 2019Dimension X The society of the dronesBelgrade's radical marginsThe political past and the post-political cityEmiliaThe Trauma MachineInterpretations of the Renaissancein the Post-war Italian Modern Architecture DiscourseWays in which to model spatial practicesCerteau’s vehicles and Lefebvre’s balconyA Wall Around A Public BuildingRotating DioramaTogether in PublicAn Enquiry into Contemporary PublicnessFLUSH!The toilet as laboratory and interface for an investigation between inner and outer spaceAn Indefinite ReconstructionEndless Walter PichlerGlobal ArtscapesBody PlumbingSur le QuaiCanal Saint MartinZwischenToiletFabrickatedA Wall Around A Public BuildingWorldmaking Geologies
A pleasure garden for post-Brexit London
I Reflection - Jacques Lacan, The Mirror Stage, & Me(Anti)MimesisWhat colour is a chameleon placed in a mirror box?UNITXThe Research Laboratory INGRID for sustainable image referencingThe Magic Mountain of Austro MarxismA fictitious discussion of the ideological critique of Red ViennaAmbiguous EdgesIch bin Otto Wagner!Antonio Negri Otto Wagner Lecture 2018The Shape of TimeTowards a crypto-architectureDas Rote Wien und die Wiener Moderne. Zur 'Veralltäglichung' der Utopie
Wolfgang Maderthaner | Historian
Project without FormThe Superimposition of Abstraction and Representation in the 1989 Laboratory by OMA and Rem KoolhaasPromise of the FutureFragmented Narrative for a Post-Labour SocietyPost-historical DreamingMotion/EmotionThe essence of gardensKeimenoHortus AlienumScenographies Of Nobody’s Voyage Manfredo Tafuri und die Ideologie der Form im Roten Wien
Johan Hartle | Art Historian
Relationen: Texte und Bauten Observing the Confusion Civilization without homesWhat Beings are We?Untitled | House of SleepSix Characters in Search of an AuthorA Big Communal HouseVienna RossaThe Magic Mountain of Austro-MarxismTranslations from
Drawing to Drawing
To draw is to convey
Continuous RainFifty-Year Successional Forest-City27 humansFogDeadwoodPars pro toto - aka -
The great piece of turf
The Magic Mountain of Austro-MarxismDewThe City’s Future
Natural History
In the Beginning and End, There Was Prater
Do We Need Buildings ...
And Who Are We?
Tracing StirlingMargarete Schütte-Lihotzky
Marc Bois | Historian
Curating the UrbanOn Spatializing Urban Conditions grenzgangRethinking DensityArt, Culture, and Urban PracticesThe Architecture of a BurrowA spatial translation of Franz Kafkas short story “The Burrow”The disappeared valley
Reconciliation with the landscape
LineStatic Structure Dynamic HabitationThe quality of distanceInhabiting the CityKoathVesselsUselessUseless(-)Quantum Kitchen PhysicsSurrogateStadtbadMatrix_MaytricksUNTITLED: Critical Environments IV®_bar!¡cadTotal Matrix, Serra Starters, Body CastsThe Ephemeral InfiniteINTRA SPACEThe reformulation of architectural space as a dialogical aestheticMonument / VirtualityLe TourA virtual cultivationImage of Fragile Traces | Reflection of Fragile TracesRoman Bath at Praterstern in ViennaTread Softlymorphing districttranslated geometryspace of negotiationcontinuity, interruptedAbsorbatory VORGRIFF: Another Attempt at Cultural Heritagepleasure with[out] controlEndless deceleration The Synthesizer
Of Instrumentation and Tectonics
The Embroidered ClothMACHINISM_
No end to the crisis of representationSymposium panel 3The future of homo creans in the AnthropoceneSymposium panel 2Causes and consequences of the postmodern identity discourseSymposium panel 1Nordseekrabben, or: How to fight right-wing populism?NEST: New Schools of ThoughtArchitectural education in times of academic homogenisationEntwerfen ErforschenDer „performative turn“ im ArchitekturstudiumFabric of PlaceSix Bus Stops for Sankt ValentinSpaces of CommoningArtistic Research and the Utopia of the EverydayBIG!BAD?MODERN:Four Megabuildings in ViennaRESEARCH OBSERVE MAKEAn Alternative Manual for Architectural EducationDesign ParadigmPerforming the Architectural Design ProcessBig!Bad?Modern:Four Mega Buildings in Vienna