Bachelor and Master Program

The Institute for Art and Architecture offers a three year Bachelor’s Program in Architecture (BArch) and a four-semester Master’s Program in Architecture (MArch), both addressing international students. The Academy of Fine Arts as a whole, with its institutes for Fine Arts, Education in the Arts and Cultural Studies, provides an exciting interdisciplinary environment full of synergies.

The first semester of the Bachelor Program is an introductory phase, in the following five semesters, the fields of knowledge and potentials pertaining to the five platforms are developed and discussed in detail. The sequence of foci and platforms is one of increasing project complexity and skills serving as a solid base for the Master Program where the focus will gradually shift from learning the tools of the profession to actively using them in research. The Master Program fosters open teaching based on the platforms' research fields. After an advanced introductory phase, students are largely free to select the focus of their design projects within the five platforms.

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Doctoral Studies

The doctoral study of technical sciences at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (Dr. techn.) focuses on theoretical, historical or experimental research questions that arise in the context of architecture, cities and art. There is no specific content or method given. Welcome are innovative scientific examinations of problems that are relevant in the context of contemporary debates, as well as works that deepen theoretically and experimentally the position of the architectural design process.

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